Who We Are

The Westchester Municipal Officials Association (WMOA) is an organization of, and for, the 45 cities, villages and towns in Westchester County. Since 1938, WMOA has united local government officials in an active countywide network. The WMOA provides a forum for its member municipalities to study issues of mutual concern and to take action on such issues that will have a beneficial effect upon the public safety, health and welfare of its members’ citizenry.

PACE Energy Documents

PACE Energy enables government entities to offer sustainable energy project loans to eligible property owners through the creation of financing districts whereby property owners can finance renewable onsite generation installations and energy efficiency improvements through a voluntary assessment on their property tax bills.

WMOA to Host Council of Governments Meeting January 17th

WMOA will host the Council of Governments meeting at Noon on Tuesday, January 17, 2013 at WMOA headquarters, 1133 Westchester Ave., Lobby Boardroom, White Plains for all elected officials to discuss issues affecting the county.

NYCOM’s Winter Legislative Meeting, February 10-11, 2013

As your municipality confronts the second year of the property tax cap, along with rapidly rising expenses and limited revenue options, it is more important than ever that we convince the Governor and the Legislature that the State, too, has a role to play in reducing NY’s property taxes – and a tax cap alone is not the answer.

Westchester Collaborative Assessment Commission (WCAC) Report Released

Local officials from WMOA, the NYS Office of Real Property Services, the Westchester County Tax Commission and the New York State Assessors Association today unveiled the final draft of the report of the Westchester County Assessment Commission during a press conference with Westchester County lawmakers, with the goal of ensuring tax fairness, transparency, greater public support and understanding of property assessments and taxes for Westchester’s residents.

State Comptroller Releases Report, “Reducing the Cost of Tax Assessment Through Shared Services”

Local governments across New York State could save as much as $12.5 million annually by improving tax assessment procedures and sharing assessment duties with other governments, according to the report released today by New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli. Click “View details” for the link to the report

Upcoming WMOA Monthly Dinner Meeting Dates

Please note the meeting date for your municipality on this revised schedule for the WMOA. Each member municipality is responsible for hosting a meeting approximately once every five years.

Sample Mandate Relief Legislation

NYCOM has asked each municipality to pass a resolution in support of mandate relief as a prerequisite for any tax cap.

NYCOM’s Mayoral Task Force on Mandate and Property Tax Relief Releases Recommendations

A delegation of mayors from across the state today released a report containing recommendations of the New York State Conference of Mayors’ Task Force on Mandate and Property Tax Relief. The report, entitled “You Can’t Cap What You Can’t Control,” contains a significant set of mandate relief proposals, primarily in the workforce arena, that must be adopted by the State Legislature prior to considering any form of a property tax cap. It also identifies those rapidly rising costs – the growth of which is beyond local control – that must be excluded from a property tax cap.

NY Dept. of State: Accomplishments and Opportunities Moving Forward

Welcome to New York State Department of State’s Report of Accomplishments, 2007-2010. Thanks in part to our partners in city, town, village and county governments across the state, the Department has made significant strides in building a healthier, safer and more prosperous New York. We have taken our resources and allocated them to the projects […]