Category: Legislative Highlights

Draft Municipal Resolution for NYS Clean Water Grant Funding

In February the WMOA Legislative Committee goes up to Albany to talk to our legislators about our legislative needs for 2017.

Yonkers Fights Gun Violence

In the aftermath of the Newtown shootings, many Westchester municipalities are looking at what steps they can take toward gun control to help prevent further tragedies.

Sample Mandate Relief Legislation

NYCOM has asked each municipality to pass a resolution in support of mandate relief as a prerequisite for any tax cap.

NYCOM’s Mayoral Task Force on Mandate and Property Tax Relief Releases Recommendations

A delegation of mayors from across the state today released a report containing recommendations of the New York State Conference of Mayors’ Task Force on Mandate and Property Tax Relief. The report, entitled “You Can’t Cap What You Can’t Control,” contains a significant set of mandate relief proposals, primarily in the workforce arena, that must be adopted by the State Legislature prior to considering any form of a property tax cap. It also identifies those rapidly rising costs – the growth of which is beyond local control – that must be excluded from a property tax cap.